What was old is new again

A meeting of art and scholarship, November 21 to 23, 2008 | ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What information should I provide in my registration?
Your name and affiliation in an email to newagain@caeno.org.

Q: Registration fee?
There is no registration fee for the conference.

Q: Accommodations?
Participants with a paper presentation will have their accommodations furnished free or discounted on a case by case basis. Limited funds are available upon application to the conference organizers.

Q: Transportation Cost?
The conference committee encourages scholars to apply for financial support from home-based sources. Limited funds are available upon application to the conference organizers.

Q: Will the conference papers be published?
The proceedings will be published.

Q: Meal and Food Cost?
A list of local restaurants will be provided at registration.

Q: Presentation equipment?
State of the art audio and visual equipments are available.

Q: Photocopy service?
The conference will provide photocopy service.

Q: When is the onsite registration?
Registration will open late afternoon, Thursday Nov 20. There will be a reception in the evening, which doubles as the welcoming event.

Q: Conference format?
Friday, Saturday and the morning on Sunday are given over to presentation of papers. The breakdown of sessions is not inscribed on baked clay. Roughly, we expect there will be seven sessions, one session each morning and two on each of the two afternoons. We anticipate a total of seventeen papers. There are no parallel sessions, just one presentation at a time.

Q: Other activities?
We have organized guided tours of the exhibition in the central hall at ZKM. The exhibition is a wide-ranging retrospective of Media Art. It has been ongoing at the Museum over the past year.
On Saturday night, in another gallery of the Museum, participants will be invited to an opening of the exhibition Medium Religion.

Q: Any nearby tourist spots?
Heidelberg is famous for its castle and university, and the luxurious baths of Baden Baden have soaked visitors since Roman times.

Q: What else?
We will continue to address your questions here. Send them to newagain@caeno.org.