What was old is new again

A meeting of art and scholarship, November 21 to 23, 2008 | ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

Conference Program


THURSDAY, November 20


16:00-18:00 Registration

ZKM Foyer

19:00-21:30 Reception

Restaurant Mediterane


FRIDAY, November 21


Session:  Belief Systems Under Construction  (10:00-12:30)

Chair:  Misha Bielicky, ZKM


10:00-10:40  Contemporary Christian Arts in China

Yiyi Chen, Beijing University


10:40-11:00  BREAK


11:00-11:40  Astronomical Creation Myths and the Mathematical Universe

Wayne Horowitz, Hebrew University


11:40-12:30  Do You Believe in the User?

Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied, Merz Akademie Stuttgart


12:30-13:30  LUNCH BREAK


Session:  DIY Belief Systems  (13:30-16:30)  

Chair:  Theo J.H. Krispijn, Leiden University


13:30-14:10  A Culture of Technological Obsolescence

Marcin Ramocki, New Jersey City University


14:10-14:50  K. Marx and the Destiny of Classical Art

Dmitry Gutov, Lifshitz Institute Moscow


14:50-15:00  BREAK


15:00-15:40  Pataphysics: The Science of Imaginary Solutions

Joey Skaggs, Joey Skaggs Presentations


15:40-16:30  From (music) Minimalism to (media) Maximalism

Barbara London, MoMA NYC


16:30-18:00  Explore ZKM Media Museum: Exhibition YOU-ser:

Walk through with: Anja Gossens, ZKM & Barbara London, MoMA NYC & Misha Bielicky, ZKM


18:00-20:00  DINNER BREAK


20:00-21:30  Film: 8bit

Marcin Ramocki, Director of 8bit




Session:  Belief Systems, The Musical  (10:00-12:30)

Chair:  Marcin Ramocki, New Jersey City University


10:00-10:40  Animals Making Music

Bo Lawergren, Hunter College NYC


10:40-11:00  BREAK


11:00-11:40  The New Raw Unconsciousness

Luke Murphy, Lukelab NYC


11:40-12:30  Sumerian Cultic Songs and Music

Theo J.H. Krispijn, Leiden University


12:30-13:30  LUNCH BREAK


Session:  Architecture, Design, and Tradition  (13:30-16:30)

Chair:  Wayne Horowitz, Hebrew University


13:30-14:10  Sinan’s Sculptural Architecture in Istanbul

Muzaffer Ozgules, METU Ankara


14:10- 14:50  Race, Language, and Culture in Nineteenth Century Science

Netanel Anor, Hebrew University


14:50- 15:10  BREAK


15:10-15:50  Adoration of the King’s Image

Naomi May, Freie Universitat Berlin


15:50-16:30  Medicine: where religion and science meet

Irene Sibbing, Leiden University


16:30-17:10  Avantgarde is nur das

Bazon Brock, Wuppertal University



Opening 18:00-19:30

Reception (Buffet) 19:30-22:00


SUNDAY, November 23


Session:  An Old New Perspective  (10:00-12:30)

Chair:  Yiyi Chen, Peking University


10:00-10:40  Talmud Design and the Internet

Mel Alexenberg, Emunah College Israel


10:40-11:00  BREAK


11:00-11:40  The future will never be what it used to be

Misha Bielicky, ZKM


11:40-12:30  Reflections on Modern Belief Systems         

Discussion: Chasm between Contemporary Art and Ancient History